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I just got my new chameleon yesterdat. he is doing really good i think so far. he has already even shedded. he'll just walk all around his cage and explore. i think and hope he is happy in his new home. he hasn't eaten yet but i got a bowl at the bottom full of crickets ready for him. he is awesome im so glad i got him!
not sure but i think hes about a month old. hes about 5inches. he just started eating crickets also, he got 3 of the 5 i put in there so far.
isn't 5 inches alot for a 1 month old? Steve is about 1 month old and is quite smaller, I just want to know if he is too small.
I got my new chameleon just tuesday and he seems to be doing very good. he explores all around his cage and loves his drip system, drinking the water off the leaves. hes been eating a few crickets, but not a whole lot of them. im not sure if his cage is to much for him. i have a ficus tree in there for him and thinking about taking it out, but he really likes walking on and around it. he has vines all around his cage, they do go over his feeder cup but he mainly stays at the top and doesnt walk down to the bottom areas. will he walk down to his feeder cut or should i put the cut in his tree. i had it like that earlier today and he ate some like that, but i fed him again and all he seemed to do was sit infront of the cup and look in at the crickets and not climb above it and eat them. just curious about that. he is sleeping i think right now, hes just sitting on a leaf and not moving so i guess hes asleep, lol. well i would post pictures of his cage but i cant get my pictures to work. i thank anyone can help me with those questions i asked. thanks alot!
cant get them to work, i dont know how to post pictues on this forum either. if you do it by adding an attachment while writing something, it didnt work that way. how do you do it?
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