new veiled chameleon...his name is spartacus


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this is what i got so far........

Chameleon Info:

* Your Chameleon - hes a newton bloodline veiled chameleon/male....i think hes either 3 or 4 months old...ive had him for a month.

* Handling - i only take him out to clean his cage

* Feeding - im feeding him crickets,wax worms,superworms,and mealworms. about six a day,different ones each day? 3 when i wake up,and 3 when i get off?
* Supplements - i dust the food with calicum without d3 everyday,and a vitamen powder with d3 once a month.?

* Watering - i have the little big dripper,,i let it dripp fast in the mornings and when i get off for a while,,,and i let it drip really slow durning the day.?

* History - when i walk into the room he sticks out his chin and fills up with air??lol

Cage Info:

* Cage Type - a screen cage...16 by 16 by 20
* Lighting - i have a 5.0 uvb twisty bulb..and a 75 watt creamic bulb that i use when its lower than 70 to 75 degrees in the house.
* Temperature -80 on the top of the cage and 70 towards the bottom.

* Humidity - 50 to 60 percent. i mist 4 times a day.

* Plants - yes.. 2.bonzai tree

* Placement - its in the living room...i never have people over.and me and my girlfriend are never home..theres a celling fan in the room

* Location - at the bottom of

tell me how my set up sounds
well most of it looks good you need a multivite twice a month like herptivite amd i would get rid of the twisty bulb and get a 5.0 reptisun the twisty has been shown to lead to eye problems and i would use a 40 -60 watt house bulb for a basking light hope it helps...:D
Just a couple of things here. You need to have a basking bulb on all day long. Not just when it gets cold. The basking bulb should have temp under it of about 80-82 degrees. Your cham needs this to digest his food. As the other member said a regular house bulb of about 40 watt should achieve this. Make sure your basking branch is not too close where you cham can touch himself to the screen and get burnt. As far as the superworms, make sure they are small enough. At his age he can eat more than you are providing for him and you should be feeding him more. A growing cham should be fed anywhere from about 12-15 feeders a day or even more. I would feed him like a dozen crickets and mix it up with a few worms. Use the calcium with D3 twice a month. The preferred bulb is a Reptisun 5.0 tube light. The compacts have had some issues in the past but you should probably be ok with it. Watch for your chameleon's eyes. If they seem irritated or are closed during the day then change out the bulb to the tube! Good on the dripper. Sticking out the chin is normal, that means he is pissed off or doesn't like something, feels intimidated etc!! How big are the bonsai trees? Have you checked to make sure that Bonsai's are safe for your cham. Veilds will eat plants! Your cham needs lot of places to hide and climb. Oh and you do not require actual heat to your cage unless it gets below 60 in your house. Your cage size is ok for now(small though) but you will need a bigger cage soon. 24 X 24 X 48 is the correct size for an adult. Would be helpful if you could post a pic of your set up. Well, that is what I suggest for you! Congrats on your new cham and welcome to the forums!
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