New veiled cage - opinions welcome


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Tomorrow I am visiting the Lone Star Reptile Expo in Arlington, TX, and plan to be a new baby veiled owner!

This will be my first veiled, so I would like to get some feedback on what you guys think of my cage set up so far.

There is pine mulch lining the bottom, with some Sphagnum moss scattered. I have read things concerning mulch, etc, getting ingested by the chameleon during feeding, but I plan to feed the chameleon directly from a container, hopefully avoiding that problem.

Since these pictures were taken, I've moved some vines a bit to give him more level choices within the cage.




I can try to get some better pictures later today.

Thanks, Jann. Your blog was very helpful. We have taken the substrate out.

We went to the expo and unfortunately saw NO veileds. So, after some contemplation, we came home with a jackson's. They require lower temps so I think our set up will work perfectly for him.

He is missing a front horn (I think I have a thing for the "runt" of the litter - types), which the breeder says will just turn into a nub, never back. Would you guys agree? We consulted with many at the expo that agree that beyond the horn, he is in very healthy condition.

So far this forum has been a great source for information - thanks everyone!
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