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Morning All,

I just wanted to take a quick second to introduce myself. My name is Gord (username Gordo) and I'm from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I'm a rookie to owning Chameleon's but I have been doing my research for over two months and I believe I'm ready to take the plunge. I have been poking around the internet gathering as much information as I can find. I stumbled across this site about a week ago and I was very impressed with not only the quantity of the information but the quality. You certainly have an excellent community going here.

My background was in the salt water aquarium business. For several years I (along with my business partner) setup and maintained reef aquariums for several business' in the Ottawa area. About a year ago I was at a client’s home and he showed me his collection of reptiles. He had several reptiles but his Veiled Chameleon was the one that really caught my eye. Ever since then I've wanted one, but I wanted to wait until my son turned 5 so we could experience this together (not to mention it took some convincing to my wife). So we are now ready to take the plunge. We have found an excellent breeder in the Ottawa area, I have found an excellent vet who specializes in reptiles (just in case) and thanks to this site I have found some excellent design ideas for a new home. I start my holiday's next week when I plan to build it and hopefully just before or shortly after Christmas we will have another addition to our family.

I'm sure over the next few months I'm going to ask some boneheaded questions please be patient with me. I’m really looking forward to contributing to this excellent community. Thanks.

Welcome Gordo!
You've come to the right place...there's alot of knowledgeable cham-lovers here (I'm not one of them....haha). Get ready to know alot about these little guys and gals.
Hello Gordo, welcome to the Chameleon Forums :D

It is great to see you have been doing your research before purchasing your first chameleon. I think it is also wise that you have found a qualified veterinarian. I am sure you will have success and I look forward to hearing more from you.

In case you have not found them already, here are a couple non commercial chameleon links worthy of bookmarking:
Hey Gordo...welcome to the're in the right place! And remember that no question is a bonehead question when you're gaining knowledge to better the lives of these incredible creatures.
Welcome Gord,

I'm writing from Burlington, Ontario (About a 6 hour drive from you). I know the Candian Market pretty well, so if you have any needs, let me know and I'd be glad to share any contacts I have or hook you up with something.

Keep in mind that you are not building a cage for an american climate. You have to design in keeping in mind that our winters reach a relative humidity so low that even our skin can flake off in large peices... So low that you dont need to dry off after a shower...

I've been working with "Up North" cage types extensively and will be happy to share photos and tips with you. If you use MSN or Gtalk you can private message me aswell.

Also, build a cage fitting for the chameleons size. Don't overwhelm a youngling with a giant cage.

Best wishes,
Will Hayward
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