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Hey everyone! My name is Scott and I'm 22 years old living in GA. I need some help from you panther chameleon owners out there. The problem I'm having is I keep going back and forth between breeds! Nosy Be, Sambava, Nosy Faly (Oorana Mena), Ambilobe (RB, BB), Ambanja, Tamatave, it's ridiculous! Every day I think I'm set on which one I want and then I look at these incredible pictures and I'm stuck on a different one. I want to hear some opinions on what breeds you think grow to be the most spectacular and vibrant in colors. Don't be biased!

If you could do it again, what breed would you go with?

P.S. I have a billion other questions I would love to ask you guys but I'm trying to keep this a short introduction :D
I am a fairly new owner (Not mrs. know it all but have researched a lot the past year before this great adventure) Veiled, but Panthers for their vivd beautiful colors and size. Just my opinion. When I was a teen I always had anoles, frogs something! lol.
Ambilobe, Ambanja are my favorite. I have been doing my research for buying one for the last 2 months or so and I def have the same problem! So many nice ones out there. I wish I could get them all!
I currently own 1 male Ambanja, 1 female bb ambilobe and am anxiously awaiting our new male bb ambilobe. I think if/when we get another one I will go for a Sambava I love the colors that they have. I love the bright colors but that is just me, but there is a lot more to owning these beautiful creations than just picking the colors. I thought I did a lot of research before I bought and I keep reading, I keep learning.
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