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Hello, my name is Jaime. I am the new owner of a 6 mnth old Sambava Panther Chameleon. I have also owned two bearded pygmy chameleons for about a year now. I just got my panther chameleon 3 days ago and he still hasn't eaten in my care. He has plenty of fake foliage and 2 live plants, ambient temps are 72-76 with a basking spot of 82-83. He is active and i have seen him drink, but hasn't eaten. Should I be concerned yet, or will he settle in when he's comfy? Any info is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
i believe generally speaking they wont eat for the first couple it may be pre-mature to worry..what are you trying to feed him? are you trying to cup feed or is he hunting? some more info would be great?
He is in a cage i built from pvc and plastic mesh. The cage is 20x20x38, but i have the height blocked off to about the top 20 inches till he gets a little bigger.I have fake vines and 2 Dracaena marginata at the bottom. I mist 3 times a day with a plant mister and the humidity gets to about 85. Lighting is Reptisun 5.0 and a regular 100 watt household bulb for basking. His basking area is 82-83. I am bowl feeding mealworms and baby dubia roaches.
Try crickets free roaming in his cage, if a chameleon has never bowl fed before even more so with new food items its not a suprise that he is not eating. however chances are that when it gets hungry enough he will eat them.

You might want to check out the NARBC show in Arlington, TX this coming week.
Hello, I am happy you joined us on the forum. Just off the top of my head, I would let him have all of a cage that size to roam in. Is he wild caught (w/c) or captive bred (c/b)? Did you receive any information from the seller about his housing, feeding, supplements, ect? I am sure you can do great with him, if you have had pgymys for a year you know how picky chameleon's can be.

This is the form everyone is asking you to fill out just copy & paste it into your response. Fill out all that you can. Some you may not be able to fill out as you just got him. We will all try to get you both headed in the right direction.
Well, I hand fed him 2 mealworms today so i'm not worried anymore. I think I'll make some adjustments to his setup though. The mesh I used is 1/4 in and I dont want crickets and roaches all over my house, lol thats why i was trying to bowl feed. I am going to put screen over the mesh so that i can let him hunt his crickets like he did before. I am also thinking about covering 2 sides with plastic to keep the humidity up. I did a lot of research before getting him, but thereis so much conflicting info on line. Can someone tell me a good plan for supplementing his food? thanks in advance.
Hello and welcome to the chameleon forums. Congrats on your new baby. I have three veileds: Luie, Camille and their baby Elly. My veileds are such a pleasure to keep. Below I'm attaching my blog for new keepers. I hope you will find it helpful. It will show you everything you need along with links to pictures and where you can buy, to keep your new pet healthy and happy.
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