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Just wanted to introduce myself. I have a Crested Gecko and yesterday purchased my first Jackson Chameleon.


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Welcome to the forum! And congratulations on your new family member! This is a wonderful forum to find, whatever questions you have, you will find answers to, whether you trawl through previous posts or just ask! Quite a few members have cresties too, they are so cute!


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Thanks for the welcome. I love my Cham and I only have him since yesterday! I love watching him even if he just keeping still.


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Welcome to the forum :)
Chams can be so enjoyable to watch or play with (depending on which type of personality your cham has.

There are wonderful experienced cham keepers on this forum and they are always eager to help with any questions or concerns you might have.

Great information to read
If you have a female you will need to know this-
Safe plants for Chameleons. FL Chams Safe Plant list

Be sure to read alot of the threads in the Health Clinic. You will find many questions and answers as well as common problems and what experienced owners do and advise. This one is what is commonly used to help with Dehydration Shower Chamber Treatment

Thoughts on breeding


New Member do I put pics in post. I tried and it asked for a URl. And where do i find the form to fill out refarding my set-up?


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Click on the paperclip in tge tool bar in the reply box. Under the url part is a choose file from computer button. Once u choose it, upload it. Then close that window click the paperclip again and itll say insert.


New Member do I put pics in post. I tried and it asked for a URl. And where do i find the form to fill out refarding my set-up?
U can click the "how to ask for help" link in my prior post, copy paste it in reply and fill er out


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Nope wouldnt send it said text was too short. I tried! I was able to do a gallery, but can't seem to do this.


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welcome to the forum!
I hope you find it as useful and interesting as I have.

Here are a couple links you may find helpful as a new Jack owner:

to inset a photo
Click the paperclip (attachements) icon
a new "Manage attachements" window will open
click Browse and navigate to wherever on your computer the photo is saved.
Click Upload.
Once the upload is done, close the "Manage attachements" window

Now type some text to tell us what the photo is of or whatever

you can either stop there (and the file will be attached as a thumbnail at the bottom)
click the down arrow triangle next to the paperclip, and Insert Attachement.
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