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i changed blender's cage and i added stuff. in the bottom there is paper towels but i put fake grass and its easy to clean, well for me. and i coverd the water container. ...well let me know what u guys think.




It does look nice, I want to do something like this when mine gets a bit older. I really like the setup. How big is the cage?
is that not a good cage for a baby? or is it to big because i think it should be fine for your chameleon now if you wanted to
The enclosure is perfect for a young veiled. It's exactly the size I used for Kitty till he was about four months old. He would have happily lived there till he was six or seven months old but I was anxious to get him into the big enclosure.
It looks much better now! I am a huge advocate of the densely planted habitat. These guys need to feel safe and have plenty of hiding/sleeping places to choose from. Good work, I can't wait to see what you come up with for his big boy cage.

Thanks for the reply Brad but i got a question. on the old setup hewas light green most of the time and he would get his "color/patter" changes one in a while but in the new cage he get alot darker shades and nothing has changed just the set up. the food is the same, light the same, temp. the same, and misting and dripper the same, so does it mean he doenst like it or doesnt feel safe or hes just getting use to it??
Give him some time. Kitty alway turns darker when he explores the lower regions of the enclosure or when he is shaded by plant cover.
If the temp and light are the same he is probably fine. He may just be pissed off that you messed around in his territory.

Like I had mentioned: Blender got darker since i put him in his new set up. Today I caught him exploring so im guessing he is still getting use to it. does anyone know how long will it take for him to get use to it?? What i find weird is that he isnt hidding in the leaves he is sticking more to the cage why is that??? any one??:confused:
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