New Rudis, need some advice


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So I just got my first true chameleons (I have 1.3 brevicaudatus & 1.2 temporalis), 2 gravid female rudis's from FLcham. I just got them set-up in their cage and gave them a nice 15 minute long mist. Only the more gravid came out and drank while the lesser one moved up the tree stuck her head out then resorted to hiding under a leaf for the rest of the duration of the mist.

Now for the bad news, it looks like someone that was working the overnight shift for UPS was having a very bad day, cause it looks like these poor chams went through hell in shipping. The lesser gravid one recieved a small gash on her side and the larger one began rubbing her eye when I started misting againist the plant and didn't stop for a few minutes. What should I do about the cut and the eye for right now? I'll be giving mike a call later today. I'll post pics when I get a chance.

The eye rubbing is actually a good sign. Chameleons use a shower to cleanse their eyes so it means that she is already settling in. The cut could be bad though. Mike will definately help you through that.

Just take care of it like I said and it should be fine. If anything happens even though it's WC feel assured I will replace it for you. Let me know how it progresses.
Well, the one with wound seems to be doing just fine. I'll get some pics up after dinner but she is eating like a pig. Everything that I have put in there she has munched including taking a spider off my finger. I put on a little neosporene over the wound and let it be, it's got a thin almost filmy like scab over it. Looks good no sign of puss or infection.

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