New pics, Ch. (T.) deremensis

Took a few new pics of the deremensis today. They are doing great and growing fast. These guys eat everything in sight! Thought I would share.




-Zerah J Morris
OMG!! How cute can ya get?!?!? First pic is adorable!! I agree it should be in the next photo contest. Okay, I have Veiled Chameleons, what kind are these little ones?? Looks like they is going "I am a leopard Gecko!"

Just did some online researching to see what your babies are gonna look like when grown.....WOW!!! Okay, now I know what I will be shooting for next!! The game is afoot!!

Thanks to all,
they are truly stars. These were actually done spontaneously with my p&s, I normally use a DSLR.

Will just drop me a paypal and I will send him your way!
And you know, they are "hard" to breed because of the seasonal temperature shifts they apparantly need, but...

I find deremensis to be the easiest montane species ot keep, hands down.

They are far less sensative to vitamins than jacksonii and others, and are much more tolerant of higher temperatures.

I do reccomend CB's. If you can get CB's or CH's, and you have experience wiht pardalis or calyptratus, nab them. They are awesome animals wiht great personalities. A bit stationary, and not too active (except breeding season), but just great animals. I simply do not understand why they are not more popular - they are the biggest three horned species, have a dorsal crest, cool coloration, and are very VERY hardy animals.

Getting deremensis some respect has been my main chameleon goal for about 5 years now...
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