New pickup at last week's show in ATL! :)


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Hey guys!

So I was helping out at the repticon show in Atlanta last week and I just couldn't resist another panther to add to the family!

Meet the newest little member of the family!

ImageUploadedByTapatalk1375311750.655165.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1375311764.921313.jpg

He's a little nosey faly.

I picked him up from jungle panther chams. He's a sweetheart and he's been a good eater and drinker so far!


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Very nice faly! I believe this was the one I was looking at the Atl show, and the nice priced Ambilobes. Glad he found a great home!


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Nice looking little guy! And he seems very calm to be sitting on your hand so soon without looking stressed. Looks like you found a real winner there!


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nice pick up, i was trying so hard not to pick up a new one, i wanted the jackson babies so bad all of them :D


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Yeah Saipan was his sire. (See the pic hope jungle panther chams don't mind!)


Wow seems like a few on here were at the atl show!

If you bought crickets we probably met lol :p

My little guy is about 4 months old ish. I nearly bought his brother who was a little bigger but the guy had such an attitude I thought forget it!

I'm definitely hoping in the future to get him a nosey faly woman!. However I have a sweet heart ambilobe female that I think I might have him cross with for curiosity more than anything.

Thanks for the kind comments!
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