new panther help please


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hi we got a new panther on thursday 3 days ago ,when we brought him home he drank for a couple of hrs off the leaves etc.. and seemed okay, yesterday and today though he has been taking short sleeps during the day and is quite dark most of the time he has eaten some mealworms and wax's but doesn't seem intrested in the crickets or hoppers we are spraying him 4/5 times a day and has a dripper on him ,
he is about 2-3 mths max, temp at basking is 29/30 or 86/88 ish , has a u.v repti sun 5.0 on him,

any ideas could it be he is still dehydrated ,is he too young for a shower or would this stress him greatly he is very shy and gets scared when we put our hands near him

thanks in advance
Where did you get your Panther from?

Out of curiosity, did you purchase from a pet store or breeder? How did his previous environment look like? Was he housed correctly? Did he look alert and healthy when you purchased him?

He is definitely too young for a shower. He is probably just stressed out from being moved to a new enviroment. I would just continue to offer him food and plenty of water and try your best to leave him alone for a few days. Don't hold him or put your hands in his cage until he is more relaxed and used to his enviroment.

I also wouldn't feed too many mealworms. They aren't the most digestible food for a chameleon. I have had some success in squishing a waxworm and putting the guts (gross I know!) on a cricket for picky feeders. This usually gets them eating the crickets. Either way, give him some space and make sure that he has plenty of plant cover to hide in so that he feels secure and like he can get away from you. It may also help to place his cage on something like a dresser so that he is above your eye level.

If at all possible, try to post pics and offer more info about his cage setup. The more information the better.

Lastly, if things still don't seem right in a day or two, a trip to the vet will help ease your mind and will help be sure that all is well with your chameleon. Good luck with him!
Howdy Susanne,

Post photos of him and his setup.

Use the "Sticky: How to ask for help " at the top of this column to help supply more info.

What part of the world are you located?
we are in the u.k.

we had him from a pet shop supplier as we own a pet shop and do stock reptiles this one was asvertised on my availability list so have not seen where he came from or his husbandry he has recieved.

he did seem a bit perker last night we have been spraying him on the hr every hr and have upped the hummidity to 80-90 he is moving round a bit more and haven't seen him sleep again in the day , its hard to not go by him though as when we put the food in it scares him, should we just throw it in not try to put it close to him like we would normally do for our other chams

wanted to get 1 more denser plasnt in but don't want toscare him by doing this , should i just do it orwait a while

will get a pic when he's not soo scared hopefullly today we'll see how he is

will let you know how he's doing later today

thanks alot
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