New Panther Girls


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I just wanted to share pics of my newest additions. Neither of them are too happy with the camera but here they are. I'll post better ones a little later.

A friend of mine, has decided that it is time to move on from the chams, so I have graciously taken these girls :)

The last 2 pics are babies from these two that I get to babysit :D .(Over 60 of these little darlings :O ). Excuse the dirty containers, I took pictures prior to cleaning today. It is amazing how such little things can make a big mess so quickly!
Had to share those as well....everyone loves baby pictures!

Hope you enjoy :)

Girl #1
Girl #2



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great pics...and such cute babies. Part of me wishes they wouldn't grow up because they are all so cute at that age. :eek:


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Better pics now that they have settled in

I snapped a couple pics of the girls now that they have settled in.



Thanks for looking.
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