New Panther Chameleon


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My son go a panther chameleon for Christmas and just wanted to show him off. I will be the main caretake of the chameleon. My son named him Yoda.


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He is cute!!! I love his colors already. He looks pink (or red), blue & I see he's getting red rings around his tail... looks like he's gonna be a looker. Congrats on the new baby :) How old?
wow can tell he is gonna be a colorful cham for sure and looks very healthy also :) May the force be with you Yoda :D
He is around four months old. I saw him the day the reptile store got him in around a month ago. He has aready doubled in size since then.
Yoda's Update

My son's cham seems to be growing and doing well.


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Is that basking light a night/moon glo? Looks like a black light.. if so get rid of it and get 40-60 Watt household bulb
What is wrong with the black light I use it for a basking light and is turned off at night. I also have a UVB Reptisun 10 strip light.
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