New panther cham on the way


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Hi fellow chameleon people it has been a while since I posted on here but this is a very unexpected event so here we are. Today while I was in school my dad texted me and said one of his coworkers has a panther chameleon that he can not keep anymore and he want us to take him since we are the only people he knows with a chameleon. My dad said that we would take him and he will be here tomorrow. I'm very nervous because I told my dad to get pictures of the enclosure and he just never got any pictures. I'm really hoping he has all the correct equipment but if he doesn't I am completely willing to buy him whatever he needs but here is my question is there any websites or places I could go to possibly get "deals" on chameleon equipment (mister, possibly uvb fixtures) if not thats completely fine. I am very willing to go broke for this little guy so its no big deal i was just wondering if I could find deals anywhere.
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