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hi, im kolleen and i just purchased a new rudis chameleon. i have had it for about a week or so and it is from a local petstore. it is currently in a mesh cage about two feet tall and one foot wide. she is eating up to 10 calcium dusted crickets a day,.. what else will adult rudis chameleons eat? i know they are not a very popular species and i'm having a lot of trouble on the internet researching them. that's why i figured joining this forum would help me out and maybe i would be able to talk to any other rudis owners. what should my temperature in it's cage be at? the petstore told me about 85.. i don't really know much so please help me out guys thanks!
Sorry I do not really know much about Rudis chameleons. I know we have several owners on here that have experience with them so I am sure someone can help you. Just wanted to say welcome to the forums.
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