New Oustalet!!!!


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I picked up a new Ousta, from EricSorg. I was going to order from LLL as it was a 10-12 bucks cheaper as im sure fedex cuts LLL a discount. Eric let me pick one out thru pictures and promised me to be 80-90% accurate on the sex, something LLL wouldnt do. Dont get me wroung LLL is a great company and I have a blue bar panther from them that i love.

My baby boy is a a great eater, active and not as shy as I thought he would be. Im so exciting to see him grow up! Im keeping his temps a little higher then my panther but other than that everything else is the same.

Congrats!! I picked up 3 babies from him a few weeks back and I couldn't be more happier. Everything has been perfect!! Babies are doing very well and settled in nicely. Post some pics... I posted some of mine already.
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