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Hey all wats up?!
This Forum is pretty awesome, lots of helpful info.
We just got a panther, Nosy be, ambilobe and ambanja Mix Chameleon. Hes about 2 months old, so very tiny =). We've only had him sense yesterday, and he is already settleing in nicely. Just ate his frist cricket today and exploring his cage. We have only ever had Jacksons in the past, so this is very exciting to have one that will be many different colors. The breeder says to expect him to have blue with some orange, green and reds when hes older. We are very excited, we can already see a tiny tiny bit of blue and red on his face and eyes.
No pics yet (except our avatar pic) we want him to be settled a bit more before we start putting a huge camera in his face lol.
Well welcome to the forums and congrats on your new little friend! Where are located? Besides the "cage by the window" lol:)
Hey, So glad to see you guys joined! This is the best place for info! Can't wait to see pictures! I'm going to keep one of his brothers so it will be interesting to compare when they get their big boy colors!!~Sarah~
Welcome to the forum!! I should warn you this forum is almost as addictive as cham's are. on a side note, check out anything by Chris Anderson, the man is a chameleon god. I read all his posts.
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