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Hi,thought id introduce myself.
My name is Nicky.Im originally from UK but currently living and working in Germany.
Ive always been totally fascinated with Chameleons and recently purchased my first 2 babies (hatched 30.04.07).
They are veiled Chams called Terence and Phillippe (male and female and yes,my partner is a fan of South Park!).
Terence is the more out going of the 2 and seems to enjoy exploring my clothes and going on safari on my hand to go and eat flies.Definately the greedy one.Phillippe is shy and rapidly scarpers as soon as the cage is opened.She hates handling (freezes ) and prefers to sit on your foot rather than your hand to watch the world go by. Completely different characters.

Ive been trawling the internet for more tips and advice as i was unsure of how to progress my juveniles the best way in regards to food,environment etc.After long relentless hours of searching and reading articles i found that every site contradicted the other eg.Dont handle Chams cos the stress kills,do handle them cos it builds trust etc etc.
The breeder i got them from told me to handle them as it was a handy tool to have when visiting vets.So confusing:confused:
I came across this site and it seems to be consistent without being worrying ( i have a admit,the more i read the more panicky i got that my babies were not getting adequate care).
I obviously have a couple of questions but will find the relevant thread.
I also own a 3 year old Black and white American Bulldog.She doesnt care much for T and P!!:)
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