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hello im new to chameleons but not to forums soo yes i was looking into getting a baby vieled i dont think thats how u spell it but im sure most of u get wut im stating and yes as i said im looking into getting one baby and thats it or well for now at least could you guys tell some opinions on things such as glass tank size or screen cage size ( would humidity be a problem or lack of since my house seems to be dry but not extreemly dry? ) and things i would need to put in the cage or may b a link to a caresheet for the specific type of chameleon thanks to anyone who has an opinion bye
screen cage for sure, glass cage only leads to problems problems problems
your best bet is to put live plants in you cage, this will help raise the humidity.
plants like ficus..if you read through the site you will find lots of recomended plants, they are cheap and alot better for your cham ;)

if you have trouble keeping up your humidity i would suggest purchasing a COOL mist humidifier. a warm mist will increase the growth of bacteria and can lead to problems such as a respiratory infection. i would suggest using fake vines for you cham, unless you can get a hold of some grape vine, which is safe and very bendable!

if you plan on purchasing a very young veiled you will want to start off with a smaller tank, such as a 65 gallon, then once he gets old enough you can move him up to a 100 gallon. if you start him out in too big of a cage he will have trouble finding food and thats not good!

this website has PLENTY of info on chameleon keeping and the dos and don'ts
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