New little guys!

He is awesome. :D. This is mine ambilobe; Rekka I have picture of him from 2 months old till now almost 2 years old... look at the color change!

That is so crazy viewing his lifespan, Rekka is extraordinary! His color just keeps looking better! I'm so excited to watch our new guy grow, this is our first ambilobe.
I hate photobucket; i can only place a few picture in it.... i have tons of picture of him. I am still waiting for him to turn into a red body blue barred.... fingers crossed!!!...

So, how old is your ambilobe? Was it the 6 months old for sale at FLChams website?
He is CB......... I was hoping he could turn redder. I did see him kinda glow in the dark when he was sleeping. Picture attached below (1.5 years old).


Yet, i have never seen him fired up that way before. He was sold as the offspring of a Red Body Blue Barred lineage. But, who know what he will turn out since the father is a orange body blue barred guy. I still love him anyway. He mated with a orange/red body lineage female....i have 2 clutch incubating now. Hopefully they will turn out really nice.
I love his colors, they are especially awesome in that pic, he is REALLY red!! OOOO I saw your egg pics, they look good! How long have they been brewing? Do you have any pics of the she Ambilobe as well? The babies should be really sweet!!
Yes! i have 2 clutches of the eggs incubating, 1st clutch was laid March 11 and the 2nd clutch April 27; total 53 eggs (i didn't mate her...this clutch is all due to sperm retention). 3rd clutch is coming soon....Mated June 20. I can't wait for the eggs to hatch and see how the offspring looks like. Below attached the picture of the female (Hanabi) Ambilobe and her dad (Seth from Blue Beast Reptile; Tyler! sorry for using your picture!).:D


Good luck with your eggs, I think that they are so neat, and the whole sperm retention thing!! That makes it even more awesome because it will be a surprise watching them grow into their coloration. Hanabi looks all angry and dark you think she's gravid again??? Her father is even redder than Rekka, wow they are going to make some bad babies!
How do you get your pics in the forum like that, I know you have to upload the attachments, but I can't figure out how the heck you do that!
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If you don't mind me asking about how much would you pay for one of hose at an expo. I'm waiting for the one in tampa fl, I thought about going to the orlando one but i was too lazy.
Yes Hanabi is pregnant again. She is due this week. And to upload picture like what i did, all you need to do is click on Reply to Thread and this would show up:


Click on the the icon circled in red and next window will pop-up:


Copy and paste URL (from photobucket or some other website) and click ok:D

You can pick-up some red bodies blue barred Ambilobies at the price ranging from 275 - 400 (depends on breeder). I think Pams Chams still have a couple of these babies. I bought one from her and the baby is showing tons of red on him (sired by Meka).Here is the website:
Thanks a lot.
This week!! I like pam's cham's, but I don't think I will be looking for any new ones for a while:D
You are very welcome.... I will have to set new biography for my new baby from Pams Chams. I will post some picture soon.:D
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