New little girl!


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Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing little Miss Jaquelynn. Newest and tiniest member of the family! Have been looking at getting a female for a little bit. I really would like to have just one clutch from mookie Joe a few years from now to have a legacy. Just one clutch though. Anyway, so to begin that whole process I would first need a female to raise and learn all about the egg process and laying process. How to keep her healthy and what not. A breeder that follows the same page I do on fb had a contest "guess how many chameleons I have and I'll send you a free mystery Panther" I guessed correctly :) all I had to do was pay shipping. Once it was established I won, Woodland chameleons let me choose male or female, and sent me a picture of sire. Naturally I chose female as I'm wanting to further my knowledge. Miss Jaquelynn is 100% nosey be and was born the second week of August :D she will just be a pet and learning experience. When I do feel comfortavle enough to breed I will purchase a female from the Kammers. I just feel this would be the only way to be positive my female will be of absolute no relation to Mookie Joe. She will also be a pet that I hope to get one clutch of babies from and that is it.This is all years from now. Anyway, back to Jaquelynn. She arrived last Thursday and came out swinging! She is an eating machine!!!! I forgot what an appetite the little ones have! She really enjoys the tiny stick bugs I give her every now and then. She was packed ever so perfectly. I was worried as my temps here in Minnesota are currently a little less than ideal. However, I had enough time to have her enclosure all set up and ready for her. Temps were perfect when she arrived :) Woodland chameleons was so friendly and I would suggest them to those looking for a chameleon. Responded quickly to any and all questions I had and sent me a perfect picture of health :) ok ok finally, a couple pictures of the sweetie!


The moment our eyes met :)
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Congrats on your new girl

Thank you very much :) I'm quite nervous! Feels like a whole new ball game with a girl. This egg laying has me a nervous wreck. She's still quite young to lay, but I am getting her bin ready today anyway!


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Congrats Julia!

She is just precious.

Thank you Jann! I'm really looking forward to growing up with her! My growth being knowledge and hers being size :) I may actually live up to my "senior member" status someday :) my goals This winter for Jaquelynn:

1. Keeping Jacquelynn healthy and strong
2. Hopefully avoid any infertile clutches because she would still be so young (I've dropped her temps a few degrees. Let's hope this works!)
3. If she does happen to have a clutch- have a successful lay. Successful meaning keeping her healthy during and after the making of eggs/laying process and, fingers crossed, be the proudest person ever in the forums showing off infertile eggs I have dug up :D
4. Preparing for the worst. Jaquelynn becoming egg bound. Making sure I recognize and act swiftly at the sign of trouble.

I'm so nervous my hands start sweating when I think about all these goals! I feel like I just got my first chameleon again lol
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