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hello to all friends! My name is miguel angel and I live in Spain, am like you a lover of the chameleons and I have several species(kinds), pardalis and melleris also and had(taken) calyptratus and jacksoniis. I wait to be entering little by little the forum though also I hope that me perdoneis my Englishman that I am going to try to improve with your help .saludo all ;)
Welcome to the forum!
I didn't know that so many species of chameleon were available in Spain!

Have you seen C. chamaeleons in the wild there? (I know you aren't allowed to keep them as pets.)

Hope you will enjoy the forum!
in españa

Hello, good I believe that i must to have written in The Lizard's part Lounge, pardon. Here in españa it is possible to obtain almost of everything though still there remains great to come to your level, and aveces is difficult to have some species(kinds). Because of it I want to find someone to be able to buy some chameleons but nobody sends europa.
I have produced calyptratus, jacksoniis and pardalis and I have now a pair(couple) of melleris that I try to raise peo still I have not obtained sexar still I live in the south of españa and see many people C. chamaeleons in his(her,your) natural habitat Also I have photos. Here in the zoo of sherry of the border that is the city alive(vivacious) where it(he,she) does little they raised c chanaeleons. regards
Welcome Cameondelsur. Got to say that is a fine shoot you put in your avator. I have never seen pink and blue quite like that.
this is barbol

Thanks, this is barbol one of my chameleons. It is the photo of my avatar in big.

Welcome. I would like to see a bigger photo of your gorgeous Panther but I can't get that link to work - it needs a password I think.
Quite a few years ago I kept several C. chamaeleons. They laid eggs for me and I hatched them all. I kept quite a few of the babies and raised them too, but they never reproduced for me. I was not brave enough to hibernate them.

Meller's are not nearly so easy to keep in captivity as C. you are doing well if you can keep them!

I hope you can get more species of chameleons sent to you. Here in Canada we don't get many chameleons besides veileds and panthers normally.
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