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hi i am new to this forum and to chameleons i just bought one saturday with some of my graduation money i had spent weeks looking at care sheets and getting a setup ready i have him in a to gallon tank with a 10 gallon terrarium topper so its a 20 gallon with half wire cage i have a reptisun 10.0 uvb light that works as a basking light as well his enclosure is ususally about 75 degrees with a 80 degree basking area he has a drip system and a mounted shot glass so he can eat without the bugs crawling all over this is my first chameleon but not my first reptile i have 7 turtles the chameleon i bought is a flap necked chameleon and is about 7 inches long i belive hes a male because yesterday i was taking him out of his cage to let him walk on a ficus tree i have in my room and he turned the skin under his neck orange heres some pics of him

i have a jungle vine above my computer so he can walk around on it it conects to the tree

Welcome! Looks like a little Flapneck Chameleon, and there are many people here that have them so they will hopefully chime in and give you good advice (I have never had a Flapneck). Make sure you gutload your crickets with good healthy veggies, etc. and dust them with calcium.
Welcome to the forum. Very nice looking flap neck, impressive. I never kept one also but there are plenty of people here that do and I'm sure will help you out.
I have a Flapjack

The term flapneck caught my attention so I thought I would look it up. I have a Chameleo trioceros fuelleborni otherwise known as a FlapJack. It differs from yours in that she has three tiny little horns. The funny thing is both of them are from Tanzania originally. I wonder if the two species could cross breed? Anyway cool pic. If you would like to see a pic of mine I have some in the gallery under Wally. Peace
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