New habitat set up revealed


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Please take a look ... I put a picture in my gallery section which I assume everyone can access? I worked days and days to build this cage and set up. What have I not thought of? The back side has a towel hanging that I spray to keep the humidity level until I can get a better plant in there for him. He's finally seeming to adapt to his new "round" surrounding. The bottom is open wire for constand drainage. paper towel is what you see, which is replaced every day after his "movement." I had a Bill Strand open feeder in there but he's not used it so I've gone back to the cup method. Any comments as to what I can do better?
Howdy PJ,

The round enclosure is coming along :). It was hard to tell how well light was passig through the top material. If it isn't fairly open-holed then it could easily be blocking 50% of the UVB and visible light. It looks like your drainage should be working well. Will you be adding more live plants? Keep up the good work :D.
Put in more plants and branches. Otherwise it seems good.

I need places like that to place my terrariums so my gf stops complaining about them =).
i'd put more branches in and replace the top screen with something that will let more light in, without blocking out uv.
The dome is a metal mesh that is really quite nice, braced by four metal bands to the circular band. I think the picture is deceiving, because the light is coming in good. I take pics without the flash if that's a possible indication?

The closet makes a good secure atmosphere control area and Fractal feels secure in there.

Hempa... tell your girlfriend, I would LOVE to have a guy friend that keeps chameleons and other assorted lizards. That would be heaven to me. lol
A few bufo boreas toads and THAT WOULD be HEAVEN on earth.... or I died. lol

Hey thanks for the positive reinforcement on the cage. You are absolutely right about the plants. That's Fractal's V Day present from me. Whatever I can get my hands on ... hibiscus, ficus, pothos.... All of them!! I will lush his place out. I know you could not see them, but I have graduating manzanita steps up one side of the cage like stairs. lol He actually uses them! lol
i like the cage i would put calvin in the closet but its full of stuff

tighe the pics are in the gallery.
It holes in the dome seem big enough to let enough uv and light in. I like the circular aspect of the enclosure cool.
Wow, I am donating half of my clothes away to charity for my guy Fractal to have my closet. And I just noticed that if you want to see the dome really clearly, look at my contest entry picture. Fractal is right up in it.Itzli, glad you like the round enclosure. I like domed things. lol It has a stainless steel bowl underneat the same mesh that you see in the dome top. As for UV... He's getting plenty out of the 2 bulbs in there. The 100W basking bulb is also UV. I worry when he puts his head right up within a couple of inches of that bright light... like I'm going to end up with a blind chameleon. hm?
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