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Hi, My name is Tom I have a pair of sunburst orange veiled chameleons and a 6 month old bearded dragon.The chameleons seemed to have mated yesterday so any input would be greatly appreciated.
Are they housed together? Is your female showing Gravid colors (Diffrent Colors than normal)? You will need to eventually set up a laying site for your female. If they are housed together They need to be seperated.


They are housed seperate. the female has had a blue cast over her whole body with blue dots she kind of looks like a robin egg. She stayed like this for a week. On Sunday 8-6 I introduced her on the outside of the cage and both seemed calm. I put her in his cage,she walked towards him and he mounted her for about 15 minutes she sat calmly and he did the head bob and his body was shaking. They seperated on their own, then he followed her around the cage and mounted her a second time.This time they stayed like this for about 40 minutes with the same body postures as before.Then the female started to move away and tried to get him off,so witha gloved finger I eased between them ,they seperated and I moved her back to her cage.Today is Tuesday 8-8 and since the presumed mating her color has beendark green,brown and the marks on her sides that are normally bright greenish yellow are rust colored.I saw the male sex gland a couple of times but not sure if there was penetration or not I did not want to disturb them,the female is 12 mo.old and the male is 10 months.I had apair of Jacksons about 10 years ago that had babies and they were fine but this is my first time with egg layers. Ihave read the whole section on breeding on this site so if anyone has any further info that would be great.Sorry this is so long,but I can't get accurate advice if I don't lay out the whole scenario.
It sounds like she is showing Gravid colors. She should be in the process of making eggs right now. You need to make sure she is getting good suplimentation, in that a lot of what she eats is going to go to the eggs. Others on here may recomend a supliment or schedule for you. In a month or so If you notice her around the bottom of the cage you will need to set up a place for her to lay.

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