new from canada - any good cham dealers in canada?

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Hello, I am Andrew and I am fairly new to this forum. I am located in BC Canada and we dont really get a very good variety of chameleons up here. I did managed to come across a 1.1 pair of Trioceros Deremensis for sale recently, and I wanted to pick them up, however the seller is asking 500 for the pair and they are in horrible shape. The males' horns are deformed and I dont beleive it is correctable. And the female... ohh the female :( I'll leave it at that. Anyways, I'm curious to know if anyone on here knows of any good places to get different types of chams here in Canada. I am eager to learn more about chams, and im really hoping I can get an interesting species.

Hello Andrew
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We have an established sponsor located in Ontario that breeds chameleons. Check out their link below. You may also want to browse the classifieds.
Chameleon Nation
Hi Andrew

Chroma Chameleons and Chameleon Nation are two reputable breeders in Canada. And I periodically breed various types of panthers (Im on Vancouver Island). I also have contact with other chameleon keepers and small-time breeders in BC and Alberta.

Where in BC are you? What type of chameleon are you interested in?

Thanks for the links guys, im really interested in a T. Deremensis, or some other type of horned chameleon. I have also been reading up on the quadricornis, they are pretty neat as well. I might just go with a panther considering it will be my first cham, but I really like the other species as well.
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I know this has been asked a million times but many links on the threads i found are dead.... Im lookng for someone who would ship to quebec in winter conditions.

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