New friend and changing his home


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I need help!

I brought home a 4month old Veiled Cam in a glass enclosed cage with a standing water source measuring 12x12x12. I purchased an 18x18x36 open aired home and a dripper for my little buddy but need some answers to make him happy.

1) Dripper: Should I run it off a fake plant into a 'bowl' (just to collect the water) or just a straight drip into it.

2) With it being open aired, what wattage and what types of bulbs are best.

3) I read it's stressful to change habitats, is it better to finish his new one and move him into it or move is old one into the new home and slowly add/remove pieces to ease him into it?

I'd like to move him into the larger home with the lease amount of stress I can, please help!
Run the dripper off a plant leaf. If possible, have it drip from leaf to leaf to leaf....If you can't have your cage drain and are forced to put a collection bowl in the cage, cover it with some sort of mesh or tulle.


Make sure to really secure it (rubber band?) because you don't want your chameleon to take a fall and end up in the bowl.

I would get him into the new enclosure as soon as you have it habitable. The glass enclosure doesn't sound like something he should be in for too long.
Thank you, I'll get started on putting his new habitat together ASAP!

Anyone have tips on bulb types/wattages?
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