New forest edge style enclosure. I found a large ficus! Pics added!


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I re did Eustis’s enclosure today because I found a large ficus Benjamina!!! I’ve been looking for one all summer! I moved out the large mass cane I had in there and put in the ficus and it looks just like a forest edge type enclosure that Bill Strand shows pictures of in his course, “ how to set up your chameleon cage”. This is what he recommends. Eustis can really get lost in this! I had to take out all my branches and dowels I had zip tied in there just to get the tree in then I had to reconfigure all those branches and dowels after I did. I still have my humidity/ temp gauges in there but out of the reach of the misting nozzle. Finally I am happy with his enclosure!
Great job i luv the latice siding!
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