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Finally saved for x-large enclosures for Kato and Cairo! It’s incredible to see the difference in sizes between the two enclosures!
The extra large enclosure is 2x2x4, and I am happy to finally get my guys the correct setup. Before, I feel like they were happy but I’m sure they will be even happier to have more room to grow into! I know it looks a little bare at the top but my plants have been flourishing in this UVB like so I’m sure it’ll fill up as they grow! 🥰

Side note - this is an exoterra X-Large enclosure that does NOT come with a bottom substrate pan, but what you can do instead is find a bunny substrate pan! We found ours at Tractor supply and it needed a little trim but otherwise fits perfectly at the bottom to catch any bugs and hold water 😍

Kato - Panther chameleon
Cairo - Veiled chameleon

* edit to add photo of the size difference!


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