New critters from Daytona Beach show

Cameron B

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Howdy, all. Well, I intended to go to the show in Daytona without buying anything...but that didn't go over too well. Soooo, now I've come home with a pair of Red Rudis. I must say, they are pretty darn cool and very tame-like. Much different personality than my Panther/Carpets.

Apologies in advance for the lack of nice photos. These were taken with a point and shoot here in Daytona, as I left my SLR back at home in California. Will post pics at a later date in nicer quality. :) Until then, enjoy!



Thanks for looking! :)
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They look great. I particularly LOVE the colors on that male. It's really neat how the eye turret on the female is blue. He is HUGE. Hope you get a fertile clutch out of the female.

Cameron B

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Thanks for the comments Liz! I really feel even the pics don't do them justice. You know I'm a carpet fanatic, and they alone get colorful...but these guys here (especially the male) are pretty darn cool! :)

Cameron B

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Hey, all. Thanks for the comments so far. I really do enjoy these animals.

Did you get them from Mike Mole from A1reptiles. I know he has had some really nice ones before?
I've never heard of Mike Mole, nor A1reptiles. I did, however, get them from Nick Mole of First Choice. Perhaps this is whom you meant to speak of? Nick had a good bunch of baby reds as well, but I wanted the established adults, as the male was too cool to pass up. Both are in great health and eat/drink like crazy. They are by far the best hunters I have out of my entire chameleon "zoo."

very nice ,are these live bearing??? or egg laying
These are live bearing.

I'm bringing them back to California today, so let's hope they make it just fine. Reptimom, I'd like to go over some specifics with you at some point over the rudis type. I know plenty on panthers and carpets, but this is new to me. I'm really into the montane species as of late though...some fischers have almost got me to buy them with their eyes glaring at me in the past! ;)

Thanks again, all.
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