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i just got a veiled chameleon and it has eaten out of my hand once , and it eats crickets sometimes when i get them for him, he doesn't get many because he never leaves the vines, and he has almost never been on the bottom of the cage. hes usually been nice and he climbed on my hands for a little and seemed to be fine, but i went in his cage with my hand to adjust a vine and he hissed really loud and opened his mouth widely, he just shed and is drinkin water fine off leaves. and another question, is there anyway i could put a fogger in the bottom of the tank in some water or would it get too wet?
Hello mrodge, welcome to the Chameleon Forums :)

You may want to try cup feeding. This consists of attaching a cup to a branch or vine. The trick is to find a cup that the feeders can not easily escape from. I would recommend upgrading to a screened cage.
Hey mrodge, as Brad said, try cup feeding.

Also, is your Cham in a aquarium? I think that wouldn't be such a good idea to have a fogger inside of an aquarium.

thanks for the welcome,
its really odd tho because like he was extremely well behaved and loved to climb all over my hands 2 days ago, but today and yesterday it hissed and opens it mouth widely makes a high pitched noise, i just hope he gets over it because i really feel bad, becuase it feels like im doing soemthign wrong, and i want my little guy to live the best life he can

Chameleons are not social animals and do not enjoy being handled. I recommend waiting a while until he becomes more comfortable with his environment before trying to handle him. Some chameleons do not seem to mind too much when being handled. I am not sure how true this is, but there are definitely some chameleons that do not stress as much. I think these chameleons are the exception and one should never expect a chameleon to behave that way. Hand feeding is one way that may help to lessen the stress your chameleon feels towards you. This can take a while. Take it slow and enjoy your chameleon :)
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