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I had been thinking about my next lizard and i ended up in Veiled Chameleon. After some serious reading and learning i founded 6 months old male Veiled Chameleon at my local pet store. I asked them if they can keep it for me while i build my enclosure and get all supplies i need for him. Well ill get my enclosure this wednesday, its 130x100x80(height, lenght and dimension. And those are cm:s) so ill go get him home this friday after i have gotten my setups ok. I have bought two plants to climb and keep humidity stable and right, i have also bought some ropes that hangs around the enclosure so he have enough climbing space. Ill put some pics when get my setups ready. :D Cant wait to get him home... :p
Are the plants you bought non-toxic? Veileds eat plant material...and the insects might nibble on them too.

They need to be well-washed, both sides of the leaves before you use them in the cage.

Here are some sites with good information that you could read...

Exposure to UVB allows the chameleon to produce vitamin D3 which allows it to use its calcium. Many of the feeder insects that we use have a poor ratio of calcium to its important to dust the insects with a phosphorous-free calcium powder before feeding them to the chameleon. If your chameleon gets no or little direct sunlight and only gets its UVB from UVB tube lights, then you may want to dust the insects before feeding them to the chameleon twice a month with a phos.-free calcium/D3 powder. Be aware that D3 from SUPPLEMENTS can build up in the system so don't overdo it. The UVB light from either the sun or artificial lights must not pass through glass or plastic.

I dust with a vitamin powder twice a month that contains a beta carotene source of vitamin A. Beta carotene sources of vitamin A won't build up in the system, but preformed sources of vitamin A can. There is controversy over whether any chameleons can convert beta carotene to vitamin A so some people give their chameleons a bit of preformed once in a while. Excess vitamin A can prevent the D3 from doing its job and lead to caution is advised not to overdo it.

Gutloading and feeding your insects a nutritious diet is important.
The ADCHAM site I listed above has a well-known gutload in it.

Calcium, phosphorous, D3 and vitamin A all play a part in bone health, etc. so its important to take into consideration any sources of these that are in the gutloading and diet of the insects as well as in the supplements when trying to provide a balance.

Appropriate basking temperatures allow the chameleon to digest its food properly...thus absorb the nutrients in its diet.

Hydration is important too....misting and drippers may be used to provide water. Most chameleons don't drink from a bowl of water....but I have had some that do.

With proper care your chameleon should be with you for a number of years! Good luck!
I have asked about those plants in many places in here (finland) and many Veiled Chameleon owner have used them succefully. And i have thinkin giving him a multivitamin powder max once a two weeks and calsium 2-4 times a two weeks. Is that enough? He will also get direct sunlight sometimes, when we have some here... :p But ofc i have uvb source in enclosure too. I will gutloading my worms and crikets too, but we dont have those ingredients which was in Adchams list. But ofc i can think some mix that provides such nutrition aswell and i will give them some fresh fruits and vegetables. I have dripper allready and will use it when i get my enclosure (hopely today), but i will also spray enclosure twice a day. And thanks again for your help. :D
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Use calcium 3 times a week and vitamins like you said once every 2 weeks. This is for his age. When he is older you can use supplements more seldom.

Which are the plants you have asked about? But Ficus benjamina, Pothos and Hibiscus are recommended plants.
I have some Braceana tree and Monstera Deliciosa. I have told that these are ok and non-toxic. And also they looks great :D Thanks for your help, i priciate it alot. :)
"All parts of Monstera deliciosa are poisonous except the ripe fruits. The plant contains oxalic acid and even the ripe fruits may be an irritant to particularly sensitive people."

There are too many that come up with the name Braceana to know which one you have.

You can use greens such as dandelions, kale, collards, endive, escarole, mustard greens, ROMAINE lettuce, etc. and veggies such as squash, sweet potato, carrots, zucchini, sweet red pepper, etc. to gutload your crickets.
Ok, thanks for infoing me that its toxious. :D Good luck that i didnt get him home and whit monstera. Need to tell that to other finnish Chameleon owners. I was thinking gutload my crickets and worms whit some fruits and vegetables such as carrots,sweet potatos,sallad,peach,apple and sweet red pepper. Im thinking to replace the monstera whit ficus benjamina.
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You can also look for Hibiscus. But in sweden it been quite hard to find bigger ones. Maybe its the same in Finland. My Veiled love to munch on the flowers.

Edit: Draecena is ok.
Yeah, i tryed to find one bigger Hibiscus but didnt. Should raise one, but that would take some time though :) Ill get the enclosure today and i decorate it and i could try to get some pic here today, but not sure i get pics today :D
Now my little one is in home. :D At the moment hes looking around of his new home. Hes so great person, when we picked him up he ate one locust from my hand. :D And when we got home he started to drink after 5min. :D Hes been very active while being in new enclosure, hope every thing is ok for him. :D My basking spot is 35c and over all heat is around 25-29c. Humidity is from 45%-56%.
It´s a great feeling when they finally arrive! :D

Your temp sounds right but I think they are at the topaverage. He isn´t fully grown yet and younger chams can have a little lower temps overall then adults.

If you can read swedish I can give you the link to a good carecheet and a swedish reptileforum. I give you the link: Let me know.

And good luck with your new friend!
Hes been looking around, but best of all hes being eating and drinking and dosent seems to stress much for a cleaning and changing papers from bottom. He just get away thet i wont get near him. :D
Here is some pic of him. :p What you think?
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