new chameleon, old cage


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Hey everyone

i plan on getting another screameleon at the white plains reptile expo on apirl 17. And i have my other chameleons baby cage and would like to re-use it. I was just wondering what is the best way to disinfect and clean it? so it would be safe and ready to use again.



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i use vinegar and water, just give it a good scrub down then a spray in the shower or with the hose to rise it all off

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If you want to be sure to kill everything. Use peroxide. You will need to get the commercial strength stuff. You can find it at beauty supply stores. Do not dilute it. Use it full strength and rinse well when done. Also use gloves when using this stuff.

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For heavy duty cleaning I use Nolvasan S. You can get it at the Feed Store. It is ment for cleaning animal messes. But it will need to be diluted. Read the directions. It will kill absolutly everything. I do it to my cages about once every month to month and a half.


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Awesome, thanks guys ill see which product i can get first, i use vinegar water to do little cleanings but wasnt sure if its strong enought to do a full cleaning
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