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We got our new Cham today :D Just wondering at what point do they start eating after shipping? He seems uninterested in the crickets and the ReptiWorms won't be here until Thurs/Fri. When he first arrive it seemed as though he was squinting in the light, which would make sense after being in a dark box overnight, but when should I expect him to be fully adjusted?
Unfortunately we have the Reptisun 5.0 coil bulb, not the linear- our linear will be here sometime next week. He is a Veiled, 3 months old. Right now he is in a 18x18x24, our new cage will be here by Friday and its the 30x30x48.
He may not eat for a few days or so. Some will eat right away but others need time to adjust. It may take him a few weeks to totally get adjusted to his new surroundings. Glad you are getting the tube light. There are people who stand by the compacts, but it sure seems like everytime there is an eye issue the people are using the compacts.
I agree with Carol, def. get the linear and just watch him in the bigger cage and make he can find his food. He will start eating. Congrats on your new cham.
Thanks for the help! We just shut off all the lights to watch a movie and he starting runnin' around his cage for the first time today =] He is just a shy guy!

ok so what gives. ive researched the lights and dont quite understand. what is so bad about a cfl verses a linear. i really would like to know:confused
Some compacts, spirals and even some of the tube lights have caused health issues and even death with chameleons. Repti-sun 5.0 long linear fluorescent tube lights have had no bad reports against them that I know of so its the light that has become the recommended one.
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