New Cham, What species??


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I was given a rescued chameleon by my father in law this weekend. He got it from a women who was keeping it in a small critter/cricket keeper for about a month. We now have her (?) in a nice partially screened enclosure with plenty of room to move around in. The critter keeper now has crickets in it.

We've been trying to figure out what species she is so I know what the humidity and temperature gradient should be.

She sorta looks like a Panther but her casque and color pattern doesn't match up. Any ideas?

Here are some pics.


I think it is a carpet chameleon. There are several owners of that particular species that should be able to advise you if you need some help setting-up or run into some problems. Good luck.
I keep my carpets the same as a panther chameleon. looks liek some dammage to his snout and cask this could be just injury dammage or could be related to MBD if it did not have proper lighting and supplementation. Over all though i have seen much worse rescures im sure you can get him happy fairly fast.

This is my male and female (she is still young) mine are the larger variety of carpets (majors) yours look like a normal carpet but its hard to tell either way same care.


Nice pics Brandy. Your chams are beautiful.

I think mine has a little scar or some sort of discoloration on her back. It doesn't like like an open wound or anything so I'm not that worried. Overall she's looking good considering what she's been though. She's definately eating and pooping so that's always a good sign.

Thanks again guys. :D
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