New Carpet Eggs


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Well today my female carpet chameleon laid her eggs. When I got home and saw her, I knew something happened, she was a completely different color, whitish background instead of the black and bright orange, so I looked in her laying container and found the eggs, all 14 of them. I have read a lot of carpet chameleon eggs don't make it, especially when the mother is wild caught, which I now believe she is even though I was told she was captive, so I am hoping I can get some of these babies to hatch. So far they look healthy, I will just have to wait and see how they turn out. Does anyone have any experience with carpet eggs, I have read a few different opinions on them. Also, is the standard 3 or 4 month rule before finding new homes apply for carpets too, even though they mature much faster then most other chameleons? The mother is doing great by the way, she looks the best I have ever seen her since I got her.
Roughly 72-ish. Eggs are looking good but I'm not holding my breath since they are a tricky species to hatch out.

Yeah, I would love for these to hatch for me, I love these chameleons and wish they were more common. Thanks for the input and I wish you the best of luck with yours!
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