New cages what more do I need?


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Ok heres the new cages set up! anything i need to add or take out let me know!!!
Cage 1


Cage 2


I swear they look so full in person but the pictures make them look empty!!


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They look great, not sure what kind of little pinkish plant is down there, but I would remove since I am not sure that it is safe and for the fact it will get pooped on. You can set your clamp lamp on the top pointing down, a 60-75 watt bulb will not melt that mesh. The only other thing you need is some kind of drainage container for the bottom since you will get anything underneat them soaked.
i have used those pink plants in other vivariums, but not with my veiled as she will eat plants ocassionally, plus they are small, they work well in smaller live planted vivs. so i agree with julirs, i would remove until you find out what ID that plant is.

also, i would add a couple more horizontal run ways in both cages, other than that, looks great


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I know :( under the one cage I have a lid for a plastic container, the other one is on a black shelf that is bars and on the shelf under it i have plastic tub to collect the water which will be how i will have the one set up hopefully by weds!:D

the plant is a hypoeste plant????

and thats good to know i wasent sure about the light and i didnt want it to be to close to the basking spot either?. it make opening and closing the cage alot easier if i can put it on top
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