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Hello all.
My uncle and I just finished building a new cage for Wolfgang. Its 24"x26"x54". I was just curious what everyone would recommend for lighting. I figure I'll need some more powerful lights than what I have on my current cage(12"x20"x22"). Thanks.
Hi Zero...

Nice size on that cage.

Mine is similar in size, only a few inches bigger. I decided to stay with one reptisun 5.0, but have made sure that there are basking spots for him close to the light. I have seen him go sit on them for a while and then go to another spot, which leads me to believe that he is regulating his own intake of UVB.

Thanks. What brand/wattage do you use for your basking. Its about time to buy a new one anyway.

For basking, I use a simple GE 60 watt light bulb. It is pretty warm here right now, and it puts out enough heat. When it starts cooling down again, I will replace it with a higher wattage light.

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