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Well, i ordered a 22 gallon flexarium for Shiver - it arrived this morning.
The only problem is, it's not the 22 gallon that i ordered and payed for - it's the 65 gallon that's twice the price :D

Should i do the honest thing and inform the company of their mistake or should i keep hold of it and put Shiver in there when she's a lot bigger?

This will mean she is in the glass cage for a few more months - or maybe i should re-order the 22 gallon?

So many decisions.........??? :p
Keep it. :)
Make a simple, temporary, partition out of plywood or screen to make it the correct size for her. You can make this partition vertical and use one half the full height or make the partition horizontal and use just the top half for the enclosure.
Glad to hear they sent you an upgrade and not a downgrade.
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I'm going to hang on for a week to see if they get in touch - i feel really sneaky and dis-honest though :(

If i don't hear off them though i'll use it - great idea that Sean, thanks :)
I have a few pieces of ply wood in the garage, there should be one that fits. I think i'll use the top half for now.

What's the best age/ size for her to use the full cage - i don't want to over-face her with too much room too soon.

It is kinda nice to get an upgrade - this sort of thing usually happens to other people lol :D
Its unlikely they sent it to you by mestake. Its possible they sent you the model up because at the time they needed to send out your order, they had none in stock. So they sent you the size up, hoping you wouldn't complain, and that it would be the end of the ordeal. If you actually know the costs that the maker sells these at, you would laugh.

But, I can't suggest that would happen very well without knowing where you bought it.
Yeah, i bet they make them for pennies.

I think the company is bits for pets - i put the link up for the 38 gallon in "mesh cages" topic.

There's nothing on the invoice saying it's a substitute cage, it may have just been picked wrong at the warehouse - i've decided i'm going to e-mail them about it, i feel too guilty to not say anything at all.
If they don't reply then at least i've informed them.
kinda what happened to me except i got the huge 100 gallon reptarium(dont know how you can mix them up!) they let me keep it so i reordered the 20 gallon one. i dont think they will make you return it. that would suck imo and if they ae those kind of people they will likely make you pay to ship it back and prolly pay to reship the corret item.
I don't mind either way really, if they let me keep it i'll partition it off so Shiver has still got a smallish area.

If i've gotta send it back i'll re-order the 22 gallon ( don't really want to pay to re-ship though ).
I would like to design my own cage for when she's adult though.

I'll let you know what they say. :)
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