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hey everyone at chameleonforums , this is my cage in the making , i just out 2 coats of clear coat on it last night and another 3 today so it will have the 5 coats it needs but i was wondering if anyone had soem sweet ideas for it like the floor and background just wanted to see wat you guys on here could come up with but heres a picture of it and any help would be greatly appreciated

For a floor and background, I personally would look for some 1/8" PVC like plastic sheets and screw/silicon them to the back and top. It will make developing a draininage system a lot easier and when you manually mist, the back side plastic will prevent it from going through the cage and out onto the wall and/or floor.

Look for a place locally to get the plastic and make sure its soft enough to drill into so it wont crack.

that was a smart move with biulding your own cage because there really isnt much out there you can buy immediatly pet stores mostly only have reptariums and frsh air habitats and the only other way is to order one online and they cost 100$ and cage looks like it gonna end up descent.
Well you could always hire a stripper and then it would become a stripper pole.

On another note what are the diminishes of the cage. Looks big and I like it. Keep posting progress.
the dimensions are 6 ft tall 6 ft long and 30inchs wide so it can fit through door ways and it has a split in the middle so when i need to breed my chameleons i just take the centers out and they can go to each others cages and not feel stressed in another enviroment but i just got 4 coats of clear coat cause anymore and i would be blinded by the shine lol but ill keep yeas updated as it goes but wont be for another month or two until its done cause i still need to put doors on it but i bought some hard ware cloth the 1/4 mesh screen for 33 bucks and i got 50 feet of it and i need tile for the flooring and im gona go up about half way with the tiles on the side then change it over to a different colour tile i think it should look sweet when im done but ill keep yea updated on how things go and thank you all for replying

Hi.. it looks like a nice start to a cage. One question.. where will the water from your frequent mistings or misting system go to?

Also, couldn't help but notice that you purchased 1/4" hardware cloth. Just out of curiosity/concern, is it vinyl coated? I ask for two reasons. First of all, the holes in hardware cloth are sharp and can cut your chameleon's feet. Second.. hardware cloth is dipped in zinc galvanizing, a particularly noxious coating.

Wow that looks like its going to be nice. Can't wait to see more pics when you get it done. Wish I was that handy. The most I have done was make a canapy for a salt water tank. I need more :D
Looking good....I have some 1/8 in hardware cloth, and as far as it being sharpe, I see no such thing with it. It is a galvanized hot dipped mesh. That coating is hard as heck, I can't peel it off. I guess it might be a problem if you have chameleon that wants to knaw on it like a bone. I have not used the roll, because the wife wanted to by a pre-built cage. But, I love the size of it and it looks good. I have read on here where a few people have used it. But I don't know. Good Luck.
im pretty much gona have the bottom of a shower in there and have a 5 gallon bucket catching my water dont worry ppl iv done my pros and cons and for the hardware mesh i to do not see any sharp edges and if there is ill just take a file and smooth it down and for the galvanized steel ill have to clear coat it or something like that soo my chemeleons i put in there dont get sick on me but i will keep you guys updated on this cage goes
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