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Well, after 2 e-mails to the company that sent me the wrong cage, i still haven't had a reply so i've decided to keep the cage.
I've just been messing about with decor and have got what i think is a nice set-up.
Could i have your opinions please on how i can improve it?
It's got fake plants in at the mo as i'm still searching for some safe plants ( i'm not the best with plants so need one that's not easily killed lol ), the veggie on the left is a pak choy in a plastic dessert cup, black bowl in the middle is her feeder bowl ( she also gets loose crickets ), the bowl on the right just contains some greens and grated sweet potato ( all of these have just been put in to take the piccie - this is where i intend to put them when i use the cage ).
I will be putting the cage over a flexi-tray, i'll be making a drain in the flex-tray, and the whole thing will be on a cabinet so that she will be above eye level ( that's where she is now in her glass cage ).
I will be putting her heat lamp to the left and her UV lamp to the right and have designed a drip system similar to blood4eva69's ( great design by the way :D ).
I know the cage is too big for her at the moment so i'll be waiting a while before she goes in - i was just enjoying decorating it lol, so i can spend the next couple of months improving it.
Thanx in advance for your opinions - good or bad :p


Just to add, the vines in the middle are just 3 jungle vines platted (sp?) together, i thought it works quite well :p :eek:
Maybe a little shcefflera or ficus in the middle? It looks kind of empty in the middle. Just remember, they need to be able to drink bask, hunt cool off, and hide. They should be able to hide from you so that you can't see them.

EDIT: Btw, everything else looks good! I'm digging the vines in the back and i think she will too!
I'm a bit unsure of using ficus incase she eats some of it, would a dracaena be ok?
The leaves at the back are deeper than they look in the pics but you're right - it does look a bit empty in the middle.
There's also a fake ivy trail running behind the back leaves.

Lol, i was quite shocked with the vines idea - not like me at all hehe. I left about 8 inches at the ends then platted them together for about another 10 inches then just twisted the excess up into the corners ( they're the largest of the vines available ).

I was thinking of having my drip system so the water is running down all of the plants at the back - does that sound ok?

I like the look of the vines a lot. It makes it look like you have a braided ficus in there. Very cool look ;)
I would agree that your cham would benefit from something more in the middle. I wish I could tell you if the plant you mentioned was safe or not, but I am AWEFUL with plants & their names...
Thanx Brian & Brad :)

Looks like i'll be getting a few Dracaena's - i've had them before and don't seem to kill them lol.
I've looked through that list a few times and scribbled down the easy and safe ones - i must've over-looked the Dracaena.
Try pothos plants they are hard to kill. They are like ivy in that u can pin them up all around the sides so they cover humidity, shade, and branches for the cham its great!
Ooh,that sounds cool - thanx :D

I did a search for them on e-bay but couldn't find any, looks like i'll have to go to a garden center lol :p

ETA - just looked up pothos on the plant guide, says it's got toxins and should be removed if your cham is a plant eater, Shiver doesn't seem to be eating any greens but i wouldn't want to poison her if she does start - has anyone had any problems with a pothos being eaten?
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If theres a home depot around your place you can try them. They usually have a wide variety of plants, theres also hibiscus plants that are supposed to be good and chams like to eat it too. I'm not sure about easy keeping but you can always try ^_^ good luck. I'm planning on having a ficus, schefflera, and hibiscus with my pothos in my new screen cage when the cham is older. Only a month and a half to go WOOT! (and the feeders wont be too small to escape through the mesh lol)

Btw, did u mean bok choy? My family and I eat it all the time lol.
Lol, just edited my last post - the plant guide says to remove pothos if cham is a plant eater just wondering if anyone's had any problems with them?

Hehe, i looked for hibiscus on e-bay too. Don't want to venture into garden center - to many annoying old people lol :p
Btw, did u mean bok choy? My family and I eat it all the time lol.

Yeah, that's the one lol - it said pak chay on the label. She's actually been using this to drink off as it holds water really well :D
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