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Well I went a priced all material for my cage yesturday and I was pleasantly surprised. I am going to start with a base that is 24x48 with 2 doors and legs. Then I am going to buid 2 cages(1-right now, until I need the other) They will be 24x24x48 with 1- door on each. I am still trying to figure out how to do the bottom/drain system. I do have a question though, can I use a galvanized non coated 1/4 in mesh? I know the mesh is a tad bit big for small prey, but was considering feeding out of a cup anyway. The mesh did not seem to be sharp, but not sure if it needs to coated? Also, is it recomended to stain the wood or paint it with a 100% acrylic latex paint? My total cost for everything except the 2nd cage and paint and drain system is $108.00. Thanks again for any help you can give me.......
If you are not set on exact dimensions perhaps build around the drainage. Something like a motar tub (cheap and usually good sized) could be framed around and made to look like a cabinent. The frame for the screening could then be made to the correct size to sit on top of the cabinent. A shower drain in the bottom of the tub and a bucket hidden behind the drawers. Latex should work fine. Alot of these offer 20-30 year garuntees for painting the house. Not sure about galvanized. Never really heard anyone talk about it or use it, although, I am sure someone has. Depending on the species drainage could be a big deal.
I used 1/4" galvanized hardware cloth for the top of my cages. I couldnt find any hardware cloth that was pvc coated.

I used aluminum charcoal grey screen on the doors.

For drainage I put a large hole in the potted plant that centers the cage, and used a sink drain (15 bucks for 2) from lowes with a six inch "stove pipe or pigtail" that comes off the drain body.
more info for you

CIMG2896.jpg did not say waht your framing with but I assume its 2x material. heres a link to find 1/8" hardware cloth its perfect becuase its not as hard on there nails like screening and you can staple it to the wood,Its not vinyl coated but you could paint it with industrial paint from one of the paint stores and it looks great.the best part is 1/4" and
above crickets cant get through for draining you just need to put pvc or abs sheet on the bottom then caulk the inside edge at the wood and plastic bottom put a drain in the bottom and drain it to a bucket or through the floor if you not on a slab.the pic on here is of a cage I built sun afternoon its not done yet but as you can see I made my doors sliders of screen frame so you open 1 side or the other to get into the cage.Im a carpenter by trade and can give any advise you nned just ask.thanks mike or call me 678-778*-1764 I hate typing
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Thanks soo much for the link on the 1/8 mesh. I just got back from the store again looking at the 1/4 mesh and the normal window screen stuff and did not like either one. 1/4 too big, and window screen too small. 1/8 should be perfect. I am going to use 1x2 and 2x2. I do not want it to weigh a ton. Yours looks cool, I like the sliding doors. As for the bottom I think I am just gonna make a drawer that is about 1-2 inches tall, silicone it or hot glue it. I am having a hardtime finding something to fit in the bottom that would work for my application.
you can buy drawer slides for cabinets and make a simple sliding tray. Just a face block with a panel for the bottom and some 1X1 to screw the drawer sliders into.

easy "drawer" with no depth.
now, is there anything wrong with taking a larger cage and partitioning it off(the upper portion) to house a small chameleon untill it gets larger?
that I dont know about but I look at it like this..........

In the wild, there is no cage boundaries.

I just make sure I see them eat putting crickets on the branch they are on........and letting some free range.

I would think they are far better off in a larger enclosure but you could partition it for sure.
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