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well after looking over some other peoples cages . i realized mine is shit... so i need some advice... i have one real plant . 2 fake ones . and a bunch of branches that i broke off from outside . and that pretty much makes up my cage . can someone please give some advice... most of the plants are closer to the bottom as i can't get them to hang .
The bigger the cage, the better. lol i think my cage sucks 2 but im gonna get him a new one. Try to give your cham mroe live plants they love that. my cham just got a new ivy plant in his cage and he LOVES it.
You can do all kinds of things........I need to take some pictures tonight to show my stuff which isnt really making me completely happy but Im getting closer to my vision.

I used small potted IVY and made a place on the wall for it in my fake rock walls...........

The ficus benjaminus works great for height.........mine are in smallish (2.5 gallon) pots.......and they are 3/4ths the way up the cage already. Some pruning and attention and they will be monster bushes.

Fake IVY from hobby lobby glued on the walls for green.

Im going to put some live moss on my rock walls to make them appear more authentic as well.........should be easy due to the misting system keeping things humid.

Its easy to just find a bunch of examples and run with it. I based my first gen cages of what I saw Zerrah did. I just put my own spin on them.
your rigth, kinda empty. Try puting more..."leavy" plants on the bottom to give him places to hide, crawl around.
Wow...If that's an empty cage...then mine is really pathetic!
Going to fix all that this weekend with a new big plant!
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