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i just got a new cage and some other stuff to put in the cage. i got it at the local petshop. i got it used and it wasnt in bad shape. i kinda got ripped off but i really didnt care because it wasnt by much. i got the cage and some branches and a vines for 40bucks. i could have got the cage new for 45bucks at petco, but i would have had to pay at least 20 bucks or so. the guy tried to tell me that the cage was a steal at 40bucks but i knew he was wrong and told him i could get it new at petco for 40 and he kept on going how it was a 90 buck cage. i knew he was lying but again i really didnt care, lol. it came with a lot. it was also already set up but very poorly. so i took it home and cleaned it really good with soap and warm water. i really scrubbed it clean, and cleaned all the things it came with. after that i set it back up and it looks ok right now but i need a live tree in it, so ill get that soon as well as posting a picture of it, i lost my camera battery, lol. anyways now all i need is my chameleon, and ill be getting it march 3 at the san antonio texas reptile expo. i really cant wait for that show because itll be my first one. itll be great! well i was bored and thought id post something new, also which question. any advice about taking off the bottom of the fresh-air habitat screen cage and placing a screen bottom so i can put a plastic container to collect the water. do you all think this will be a good idea or no? thanks for any advise!
I have tried using all screen bottoms.. they are very difficult to clean. Bugs die and then get gunked into the screen, poo is the same way. You sure can't wipe out the floor real quick and move on.. it take real work to get that screen clean. It does work well for drainage, though. A hard plastic floor with a drain installed is more practical and definately a lot less maintenance.

so should i leave the plastic bottom i have and just drill a big whole in the middle or a bunch of little holes? the plastic is flat so i dont know how i should do it? got any ideas?
thanks for the website. i think im to put a plastic contanier under the cage to catch the water. also i think i might try stapling some wire underneith the holes so the bugs cant escape and i would drill them very small so they couldnt in the first place. i think i will do reserch with the website before i start anything at all. thanks again for your help
back in the day, I cute out the center area of the PVC bottom of a screen cage and installed 1/4" wire mesh over the PVC frame that was left. I placed the cage on a larger wire shelf, and put a large drain-tub underneath. I did have a few escapees, but they didn't go far before getting trapped & being forced to drop into the water basin. It worked pretty well, tho if I slacked on emptying the water any day, it became very diffcult to move the catch-basin to dump it.
With the holes drilled you can take a hot glue gun and secure the screen to the bottom part of the bottom the cage. I did this with an ESU cage. Along with that I ran some silicone around the floor base. Not sure how yours looks but this one would allow water to escape from the sides if something was not done.
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