New Bradypodion species recently described

Discussion in 'Bradypodion' started by PetNcs, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. PetNcs

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    Tilbury and Tolley recently described a new Bradypodion species, B. ngomeense...

    Tilbury, C.R. and C. Tolley (2009):
    A new species of dwarf chameleon (Sauria; Chamaeleonidae, Bradypodion
    Fitzinger) from KwaZulu Natal South Africa with notes on recent climatic shifts
    and their influence on speciation in the genus
    Zootaxa 2226: 43–57
  2. eisentrauti

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    Thanks for the news !
  3. Jono

    Jono New Member

    /starts packing the car for a trip up the coast :D
  4. Paul R

    Paul R New Member

    My fellow South African!!!! Lets pack our bags!!!! and hit KZN.

    Ill bring my team with ha ha ha ha :D

    Buy the book By Tolley and Burger: Chameleons of Southern Africa.

    I have cought undescribed species in secret locations, Benny and Chameleonneeds you know all about this:D:D:D:D

    The anatomical and morphological differences between the species of Bradypodion is complex thats why the identification and reclassifying process takes so long.
  5. merumontanus

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    Thank you for the information, Petr.


  6. Jono

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    Thanks will definitely have a look for that book. Driving up to Moz in Dec so hoping to come back through one of the quieter boarder posts with something special.
  7. chameleonneeds

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    I`ll make sure I get my pair;) ay ben

    Paul R a member of this forum found a new undescribed species of bradypodion near the west coast in a vineyard!
  8. Damaranum

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    Thanks for the news Petr
  9. luevelvet

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    Exciting times... I will echo the sentiments...

    Thanks again,

  10. AJA

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  11. eisentrauti

    eisentrauti Avid Member

    The important question is: Are they legal or not ? There are as well many rare Calumma and Furcifer species in the Asian market, but completely illegal
  12. Chris Anderson

    Chris Anderson Dr. House of Chameleons
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    The pdf you found is the official description of the species.

    The blog you found is not implying that these chameleons are circulating in Taiwain any more then this thread is implying the same here in the US or in Europe. The blog is simply summarizing new scientific research for enthusiasts who work with other species (the same purpose as this forum).

  13. AJA

    AJA New Member

    Okay, sorry for the confusion.

    This is what I saw that led me to believe they may be available in Taiwan.

    "This blog is aimed to record the animals, especially tropical fishes, reptiles & amphibians being circulated in the pet trade in Taiwan, and to summarize our reading notes on the literature about wildlife trade, systematics, evolutionary ecology & etc of these species."

  14. Chris Anderson

    Chris Anderson Dr. House of Chameleons
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    I tend to believe it is referring more generally to chameleons or other groups as a whole, not about newly described species.

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