New boy in the house!!!


Well, I have finally calmed down enough to post. I have been busy trying to talk myself out of getting this guy (it didn't work. lol) then getting all the stuff before he would be here, then watching the weather...then checking the Fedex tracking page about 900 times.

I got a fabulous Trioceros tempeli from Tempeli. (great member to deal with, btw)

He is a great little boy. He blinked at the light when I opened his packaging, then climbed right out & onto my hand. When I put him in his new home & he went up & got a drink from the dripper. I still misted him.

I then reluctantly went back to work.... was a bit distracted all afternoon.

I got home & he was climbing around. After a bit, I offered him a cricket & he ate 2 from my hand. (I sooooooooooooo thrilled)


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