New Baby Guess What?

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Here's a baby I hatched a couple of days ago. Any guess what it is??
i dont know anything about chams or species.. i just know how to keep them alive and happy :p

but ill go with..

No it's not a Parson's but good job guessing. Someone's got to know. Come on all you chameleon junkies!
what is it?

To me it looks like the carpet chameleon, which I think might be called Rudis?? Anyways if it is one congrats because I think they are the most beautiful and complex looking cham out there.
It doesn't catch up. They have incredibly long tails in genereal. You should check out the Bradypodian Fischeri Fischeri....also refered to as Giant or Monkey Tailed Fischers because of they're long tail.
NO! That's against the rules, Jerm. LOL, JK- of course you can, since your chameleon 'expertise' is greater then mine...I'll let it slide this time.

Aww, thanks Michele. Haha. I can't imagine how long the tail is on a juvenile Fischeri Fischeri if this one is only a Fischeri multituberculatum, geez.
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