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Hello all!

I’ve enjoyed reading the forums over the last several weeks!

My first (hooray!) chameleon from Screameleons is arriving tomorrow morning and I’m so, so nervous. I have everything setup but I still feel so restless. I keep checking the FED-EX tracking hoping she’s a little closer to me.

I guess what I’m getting at is: have any of you felt this way?

I'm SUPER excited!! I want to see her :D
oh yeah, we have all experienced that excitement and nervousness when that fed ex truck pulled up! :D
congrats on the new addition.. welcmome to the cham what did you order?/ im sure if you have any questions we all will be happy to help you
Welcome to the forum. Great time to join, we have people awake on here all night as our gang is all over the world. This way if you can't sleep, we are here for you. Well some of us are here for you, but it will not be me, I am off to bed shortly. I will be checking in tomorrow to see your baby. Congratulations.
Glad I'm not the only one!

She was listed as a special but I think she's a Ambanja. :)

Also, it is good to know I can ask for advice.
I didn't have to go through this because my chameleon arrived a day early! I thought he was coming in on Thursday but he arrived this past wednesday. I purchased him Sunday thinking he will be here Tuesday but received a call saying they will ship him Tuesday or at the latest Wednesday and he'll be here Wednesday or Thursday. Tuesday night, I still had not received a Tracking number so I figured they were too busy to send him out and went to bed thinking he'll be here Thursday. Well, at 9:30 there he was!
Hello all!

I guess what I’m getting at is: have any of you felt this way?

I'm SUPER excited!! I want to see her :D

Ohhhhh yes!!! My first cham is 5 days away and I'm sooooo excited. I feel nervous when I think about him getting here. I'll be a wreck on the day!!! LOL
In fact I'll be a wreck for the first few weeks I reckon. Enclosure is sorted but I can't help thinking if there's anything I've missed or I'm not doing properly. That's what this lot is for I guess, so don't hesitate to ask any questions or just post coz you can!! LOL I intend to post MANY pics!!

Good luck with yours and don't forget the pics!!!! :D
We got her!

She arrived an hour and change early and my mom had to sign for her because I was still in the shower. :p

I put her container in the enclosure (it's the Screamaleon Ultimate Setup kit) and we both waited. She wouldn't do with us watching but as soon as I scooted away she climbed out of her cup and scaled the wall, she resting halfway right now. Actually, as I'm typing this is looks like she's grasping one of the leaves.

What signs should I be looking for, so that I know she's doing okay. :confused:

She's smaller than I was expecting but very cute!
She's climbed on to her branch and was walking around.

How much movement should I expect from her in the first few hours?

I have to leave for work in an hour and I just want to make she's okay before leaving her. I think I'm more nervous now than I was :eek:

I tried taking pictures but they didn't turn out. Will try again later.
When they first arrive it is best to put them in the cage and leave them alone as much as you can. Going to work is perfect. If I am at home it is sooooo hard not to want to go look at the new baby. They won't usually move around until after they settle down. Just give him a couple a days and he will be fine. Congratulations again.:):):):)
Some won't move around at all and just bask all day. And some truck around all the time. Just be patient and kinda just leave it be for a while so it can calm down after being shipped and then put into a new home.
Oh I feel sick with excitement for you!!

I've got all this to look forward to. Get those pics sorted!!! :D
Congrats, on the new baby. I'd let him/her rest and acclimate for a few days. Try to resist the urge to watch her for a few days so she can get used to her new enclosure and feel secure. Then after shes chilled for awhile take some pics and post em for us.
I just got back from work.

She seems to be doing great. She's moved to her top branch to bask it seems. I misted a little. I guess she's warm her toes after her long trip :D

What temp. range should she be in at? Is being that close to the bulb too much for her?

I brought home some crickets for her. Should I try feeding her or wait? If yes, what would be the least stressful way to go about feeding until she's most used to her surroundings?

Thanks so much guys for all your lovely comments!

I will try and get though pictures soon!! Also, I'm trying to think up names. lol
Still lots to do. Thanks again.
I think if you put some crickets in her cage hunting would make her more comfortable. She would be able to climb around getting familiar with everything.
I decided to put them in and see what happened. One was silly enough to climb all the way up and say "hello" to her. :D

Thanks for the advice!
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