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I'm new to Chams and want to get a few pygmy's. I'm looking for any suggestions and any help. If its possible can some one give or link me a check list of what i need for my enclosure. I'm getting my pygmy's from a local breeder.
I think it's better to ask here and get input and ideas from a lot of people with experience rather than leaving it all up to what one guy says - even if the breeder is knowledgable. And it's probably not that the breeder won't tell him, it's just that he's smart enough to look at different sources and be better prepared.

I got my pygmys about 3 weeks ago and I love them! They're so darn cute.

Do you have an enclosure yet? What size do you have, or are planning on having?

You'll need plants, plants and more plants. I'd go with live, it's obviously a lot more natural looking and they hold moisture better. My guys love the little ficus especially. I washed each plant down to the roots to get rid of any old soil with fertilizers or chemicals. For substrate and drainage, I used layers of 1) hydroton 2) coconut fiber sheet 3) charcoal (for water purification and extra drainage) 4) more coconut fiber 5) a mix of organic soil, vermaculite, and eco-earth. It's very important that you use organic soil, because they'll eventually be laying eggs in there most likely, and you don't want you eggs sitting in fertilizer or other chemicals.

Pygmies like cooler temps (low 70s), so you may not need a basking light. I don't use one for mine. You will need a reptisun 2.0 bulb for your plants and for viewing, plus it puts off a small amount of UVB for your pygs (it's still unknown whether they actually require UVB or not).

Here's another good link.

Pygmy Chameleon Care Sheet

And here's a link to my pygmy thread, so you can see what the substrate layers look like. The hydroton provides excellent drainage.

My New Pygmy Viv
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